Wealth Management

Global Trust Group

In its quest to provide its clients with a full range of real estate and investments vehicles, MDB Realty has affiliated with Global Trust Group, one of the leading wealth management companies in the world. The affiliation enables MDB Realty to leverage it contacts in Asia and throughout international markets to provide state-of-the-art wealth management tools to its clients worldwide. Global Trust Group is a global asset manager that is committed to innovation underpinned by extensive research in the approaches we pursue. Global Trust Group provides its clients with fresh perspectives grounded in analytical thoroughness to bring value to our investors. For more information on Global Key Advisors click here.

Matthew Brimhall serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Global Trust Group Luxury Real Estate Management Fund.



Luxury Air Travel


INFLIGHT is the private jet partner of MDB Realty’s destination luxury residential developments worldwide. Included in the purchase of your new residence, we provide custom designed travel solutions, making home ownership and the convenience of flying private – seamless. Keeping within our philosophy of excellence, INFLIGHT goes beyond your time on board as we’ve partnered with global luxury brands to ensure your travel experience continues after your flight. For additional information on the INFLIGHT Premium Residential program click here.

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Luxury with a personal touch.

design_3When you find yourself in this little corner of the world, relax in the comfort of a beautiful place you call home.

In partnership with top designers, we can transform any residence into an elegant, one-of-a-kind living space that aligns style, functionality, and personal tastes.

Our unique designs improve the quality of the life lived within while increasing the value of your investment.