As a licensed real estate sales executive, Boston A. Brimhall brings a wealth of knowledge and international experience to MDB Realty. His ability to speak Spanish fluently furthers his efficacy working with clients worldwide, especially as it relates to the clients he has served in South America; specifically those in Peru and Bolivia, where he lived over the last 24 months.

In addition to his international experience, Boston has a tenure within the firm that comprises nearly four years, where he has assisted the team’s sales executives close millions of dollars of transactions in the high-rise, luxury residential and resort community.

Most importantly, Boston has been schooled in the customer service techniques, protocols and teachings that provide him the skills to solve solutions for any client, no matter the situation.

His approach to client service; teamed with his understanding and knowledge of the international market and investors; teamed with the his fluency in Spanish provide MDB Realty with an asset that has been sorely missing prior to Boston rejoining the firm.

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