Camille Sydnor is a New Jersey native who resides in Las Vegas as a real estate professional providing clients with Grade- A services. Camille has worked in the hospitality industry and the media & music industry for two decades, providing great customer care. As a knowledgeable and passionate agent in Commercial and Residential real estate, Camille has been able to directly impact her clients’ financial success through helping entrepreneurs secure a space for their business or through home ownership by propelling smooth transactions with sharp selling and negotiation talents.

If you are planning on opening a business, buying or selling- whether it’s residential or commercial- don’t hesitate to contact Camille. Camille is your local neighborhood expert for personalized customer care with your real estate needs while taking pride in providing optimal service. Camille’s end goal in every transaction is to create memorable experiences and establish lifelong relationships. Camille’s slogan and brand is “Cam Has The Keys” which has garnered her a great reputation of passing over the keys to her clients and mentees through education and real estate ownership. Follow Camille on Instagram and Facebook: @cam_hasthekeys

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