About Erik

With more than 20 years of business negotiation, expertise and success, Erik J. Hughes brings a wealth of knowledge, financial acumen and experience to MDB Realty, Inc. His unique ability to provide proven business solutions to his clients is unprecedented within the industry and gives his clients a significant advantage in the overall real estate industry and throughout each and every transaction that he originates.

Erik’s persistence and ability to secure income-driving and value-rich properties; teamed with his unrelenting desire to provide value and overall business success for his client base have been a wonderful addition to the MDB Realty team as a whole and has assisted the firm in securing transactions in the tens of millions of dollars since he joined the team a few short months ago.

In addition to his position within the firm, Erik owns a number of separate and distinct businesses within Las Vegas. His overall contribution to the city and state as a whole have had a major impact on the economic fortunes and development of Las Vegas and Mesquite, Nevada, which his family was integral in establishing more than 100 years ago.

At the heart of his success, is Erik’s desire to use proven and time-tested business principles to position his clients for long-term prosperity in the market; in their overall financial portfolios and across their real estate holdings.

Erik holds a Broker Sales Executive license; a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Business Management from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Arizona. During his tenure at BYU, Erik was an All-American athlete and was a key member of the nationally-ranked BYU Football program.

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