About Jacob

With more than seven years of successful real estate experience in the Las Vegas market, Jacob Packer is one of the most effective, talented and results oriented real estate executives in the industry. His unique ability to work closely with his clients to achieve their desired results is unprecedented and furthermore, his ability to understand the goals of his clients and ensure that those goals come to fruition is a skill that is unmatched among his peers in the industry.

Jacob has a tremendous ability to connect, understand and partner with his clients that is based on his business acumen. Additionally, his ability to place himself in his clients’ situation enables him to secure solutions for those clients and has allowed him to close tens of millions of dollars of successful transactions throughout his tenure with the firm.

His innate ability to find value, both intrinsic and monetarily, in the real estate market, has provided him with an extremely loyal base of individuals who depend and consult with Jacob prior to determining whether to buy, sell or lease their real estate holdings.

In addition to his outstanding inner-personal skills, the deep connections that Jacob has made in the lending, escrow, new construction, home-inspection and development industries, has also provided his clients with the best and most secure solutions to ensure that his clients transactions are completed in a precise and strategic manner from the open of escrow to the closing of the transaction. Furthermore, Jacob’s skill in marketing his clients’ real estate portfolios through state-of-the-art technological campaigns has been a boom to the MDB Realty team as a whole. His ability to create, deploy and use strategic marketing and technologically savvy plans has provided the firm with continual transactions to secure, complete and maintain.

Jacob specializes in client service and helps those clients purchase, sell and lease high-rise condominiums, country club homes, single-family residences and investment properties throughout Las Vegas, Henderson and, in and around, the Las Vegas Strip.

His professional background in the building and sales industries have been a tremendous asset throughout his career and provide him with a skill set that continues to grow and mature each and every day he is a member of the firm.

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