About Matthew

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Brimhall has played a commanding role in the Las Vegas real estate industry for more than 15 years. Brimhall and his team of experienced brokers serve clientele worldwide, working with renowned properties on and off the Strip.

From Veer Towers to Allure, Mandarin to Trump International, MDB Realty continues to distinguish itself as one of the leading boutique real estate brokerages in Las Vegas. With an advanced understanding of the market and staggering transaction records, it provides infinite real estate solutions.

Specializing in luxury high-rise, commercial properties, and single-family homes, MDB Realty is known for intelligent buys and sells aligned with the client’s best interest. Additionally, Brimhall serves as the managing member of one of the country’s premiere luxury real estate portfolios, which focuses on providing unequaled value to its members through the acquisition of irreplaceable real estate assets worldwide. The portfolio is a key component of its overall investment platform. The fund combines the strongest players in technology, retail, medical and real estate industries and develops and executes on its proprietary business strategies to maximize the overall return on investment of its constituents.

In 2014 alone, Brimhall and the MDB Realty team:

  • Closed more than $5MM at Mandarin
  • Sold $2.7MM in a 7-day period at Veer Towers
  • Placed two commercial parcels totaling $14.9MM into escrow at Dean Martin & the Las Vegas Strip
  • Closed a 6,000 square foot residence within TPC (one of the most exclusive golf courses in Las Vegas)
  • Secured the highest rental rates at Veer Towers for 2-bedroom, 1-bedroom & studio spaces

With Brimhall at the helm, the brokerage was listed as one of the highest producing brokers at Veer Towers and produced more high-rise dollar volume than any other brokerage at Mandarin in 2014. To date, the firm has sold more luxury high-rise than any other firm in Las Vegas over the past 10 years.

MDB Realty, Inc. further increased its presence in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market throughout 2015 by expanding the size of its firm to 12 full-time real estate executives; nearly doubled its total revenue year-over-year from 2014 and increased its overall presence in the High-Rise, Country Club, Single Family and Investment housing verticals in Las Vegas and Henderson as a whole.

Throughout the calendar year, MDB Realty, Inc. recorded many notable, distinct and record-breaking closings at The Mandarin, Southern Highlands, Red Rock Country Club, Turnberry Towers, Veer Towers, Sky Las Vegas and investment and single-family communities throughout the northwest valley, the southwest valley and Henderson.

Furthermore, as Las Vegas Strip prices continued to increase throughout 2015, the company was able to secure tremendous amounts of value within the market and provided its range of international and domestic clients with the lowest recorded sale prices at both The Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas as well as at The MGM Signature.

The firm was also a key player in expanding the Las Vegas High-Rise Rental Market significantly by achieving rental rates for high-rise residences that ranged from $2.55 – $5.84 a square foot.

With 2015 in the books, Brimhall and this team turned its attention to 2016, which resulted in another banner year for MDB Realty, as the company continued its growth in the Las Vegas Real Estate sector and, for the second straight year, it was able to increase its revenue by 100 percent or double the revenue it generated in 2015.

Prior to founding MDB Realty, Brimhall achieved record successes with the world’s biggest real estate brand, Trump International. He served as Corporate Broker, Senior Sales and Marketing Officer and Corporate Officer at The Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, Residential Collection. As an executive officer of the property with Donald Trump, the newly elected President of the United States of America and Phil Ruffin he managed, created and executed Las Vegas’ worldwide marketing, sales and public relations functions for the residential division (this includes $1.5 billion of residential product priced to $3,500,000 per unit).

At Trump International, Brimhall:

  • Increased sales volume by 664 percent
  • Tripled year-over-year sales revenues, exceeding the tower’s previous three-year transaction volume in less than a year
  • Boosted the development’s price by square foot by nearly $400
  • Generated gross revenue that totaled nearly $75 million

Brimhall closed nearly one transaction every 48 hours, peaking at a high of one closing every 36 hours in October, November and December of 2012. In this time, he averaged nearly $6 million a month in revenue. Brimhall’s total sales represented 40 percent of all Las Vegas high-rise transactions in 2012.

At every stage of Brimhall’s career, he has achieved record sales despite economic recession and market turns. Along his steady rise within the industry, he made ample sales increases at one of the fastest selling high-rise towers within the market, Allure Las Vegas.

As President of Sales and Marketing at Allure, Brimhall and his team:

  • Increased year-over-year sales by 300 percent from 2009-2011
  • Sold/closed at least one residence every 48 hours, over an entire fiscal quarter
  • Drove $7.6MM in revenue in July and August 2011
  • Satisfied the building’s construction loan of $30MM+

Brimhall’s marketing and sales expertise built strong foundations that fueled his triumphs at Allure and Trump. As Vice President of Sales and Marketing for companies like Barcelona Partners and Kennedy Commercial, he developed marketing campaigns from the ground up for major development projects including an $850MM mega resort and $150MM high-rise condo project in Las Vegas. With a sharp understanding of national and international markets, he has launched worldwide campaigns in Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Boston, and Chicago.

As Senior Corporate, Marketing and Sales Officer for Del American, Brimhall was involved with product offerings that ranged up to $8 million per residence and more than $2,000 per square foot. He directed the worldwide marketing strategy for this multi-billion dollar developer of luxury condominium high-rise communities throughout the US, targeting specific markets in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Rounding out Brimhall’s unique skill set is a background in public relations. He has created national marketing initiatives with big name corporations including Whole Foods, The Cheesecake Factory and The Ritz Carlton. As Worldwide Public and Investor Relations Director for a leading technology company, he oversaw the public and investor relations division that totaled more than $4.5 million of annual budgets. The company achieved the country’s second largest initial public offering in 1999 and changed the way businesses order online.

A dedicated, highly respected industry professional, Brimhall speaks a language of integrity. He delivers high-quality service and insider experience to his clients, treating them like family. One of the highest grossing real estate executives in Las Vegas, Brimhall continues to turn heads and prove that luxury has no limits.


  • Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, MDB Realty
  • VP & Broker – Trump LV
  • President, Sales & Marketing – Allure
  • VP, Sales & Marketing – Kennedy Commercial
  • VP, Sales, Marketing & Public Relations – Del American
  • MBA & MPC Westminster College
  • BS University of Utah

MDB Realty’s high performing brokers have worked in tandem with the following corporations, successfully marketing and selling many of the most notable projects in Nevada:

  • The Related Group
  • Fifield
  • CB Richard Ellis
  • Northcap Commercial
  • The Sunshine Group
  • The Greenwald Group
  • Teevles Corporation
  • Del American
  • Trump
  • Veer Towers
  • Ladder Capital
  • SRF Ventures

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